Rabu, 28 November 2012


Once, one of my friend told me that she wanted happiness....

Many people dwelling their hard times to work hard for the sake of their life, their children school payment, the tax, the lifestyle, the gadgets, the title of a social climber, the acceptance from the other and so on. you may have it all. You may achieve it all. You may get anything what you want. You may point your fingers in to every single things in store display and bought it. You may have the most beautiful man/woman to walk besides you. You may have your fabulous Hermes or Versace, or Prada or every single expensive brand to walk with. May I ask you one simple question. Are you happy? happy with your life?

If you're not, you're jut wasting your time. I know, life deal with many things. But your life is at your own. you are the captain. You define your own happiness even you have obstacles within. Happy is what you pursue. It may not measurable, but when you find it, you'll know the value of life. Happy is a state of mind.

I remember a happy song, it not only have the happy tones, but the lyric it self define happiness in a happy way (this what I so called a happy-ception).

Mocca - Happy

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries,
Sometimes It's afraid Filled with Worries
Don't be afraid, When Things Go Wrong, Just be Strong.

When Thing Seems up in the Air,
And Everything is so Unfair,
And You Stumble and Fall
Just Pick Yourself up and Sing

If One Day You Lose Your Way,
Just Remember One Thing, My Friend.
When You're Under a Cloud
Just Visit Music and Sing

If One Day You Lose Your Way,
Just Remember that I'm Here to Stay.
Don't You Give up, Keep Your Chin up,
And Be Happy!